Can find in our hotel also the statue of "Atlas" , who carries the globe. This is also only one part of our philosophy. 


"Physicians still believe in physics. Only the physicists believe in God again!" (Quotation)
Thanks to my training as qualified atlaslogist I could help many people in my environment. As the gentlest alternative to maintain and to improve the well-being, atlaslogy is able to help people of all ages.

Atlaslogy is an integral nature method and an alternative health care for an optimally working central nervous system (CNS), serving the recovery and maintenance of our health. Health means for the human being to live in physical, spiritual and mental harmony.

Atlas is, as the 1st cervical vertebra, the support of our head and is important not only for the whole vertebral column, but also for statics as well as for soul and spirit. Experience shows that the first cervical vertebra of many people is displaced and this can be the reason for many diseases. A result could be e.g. undersupply due to incarcerated spinal nerves, because the small space of the protruding spinal nerve pairs will be narrowed additionally by one or more displaced vertebra. This means that information which is sent from the brain through medulla to the spinal nerves can not be "forwarded" due to narrowing.

As atlaslogist I learned to readjust the atlas and to centre it by touching the skin of the client's neck over the transverse processes of the atlas with both middle fingers and palpating gently. Vibration, giving the body a signal to centre the atlas again, is produced by a mental impulse. This vibration goes through the vertebral column to the lumbar vertebrae and the sacral bone. Thus, for example, pelvic high position or scoliotic pelvis can be eliminated because the pelvis has the opportunity to straighten up again.

The atlaslogist sets the atlas in vibration by energy transfer. This vibration is taken over by the innate wisdom of the human being (automatism of processes like respiration, heartbeat etc.) and effects that the atlas swings back into his original position, the centre. More information available at

Further trainings

"I went through many interesting stages in my life, like the kinesiology (fast method of problem solving) and therapeutic hypnosis, which I really like to practice. The aim of this hypnosis is to stop smoking, the treatment of phobias or reductions in weight. An example of the resounding success: in the year 2008 one of my patients lost 29 kg due to my hypnosis between March and October!

I am glad to have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and skills which I gained in the last years again and again. 

Psychological Coaching

Within the scope of my biennial training as psychological coach I dealt intensively with the fields of communication, NLP, mental and intuition training as well as mediation. The last one is not about meditation but the professional communication for the settlement of conflicts. All these fields can help to recover the accord with oneself and with fellow beings as well. I would be pleased to help you!

To my abilities in particular include a special communication training, NLP - neuro linguistic programming and mental training for sharpening spirit and intuition