Allow me to tell you more about us:

My name is Margot Pfister-Murbach. I have been running the Parkhotel as manager since 2001. From the beginning the aim of my efforts was to make the guest feel comfortable in my house, which particularly means that the guest sleeps well and healthy. This is an important condition to start the next day fit and balanced.

My first journey to Hong Kong was in 1995. I met a manager of a large company in Hong Kong, who furnished his company according to the aspects of Feng Shui. This meeting opened a new way for me, a person who has always been interested in the mysteries between heaven and earth. I realized that feeling comfortable in a hotel needs more than good grasp of people and furniture.

And so the Parkhotel became the Feng Shui hotel. Meanwhile it has been approved by my customers, mainly business customers.

The process goes on: For me and the hotel. The combination of the commercial and objective with something seemingly contradictive tempted me (typically Gemini?). After all everything is one!

Our Feng Shui Philosophy

Feng Shui is a science which is older than 3500 years. The literal translation of Feng Shui is "wind and water". As a process of life style, i.e. a way of shaping the environment, Feng Shui aspires to harmonically balance the five elements as well the yin and yang energies. Feng Shui eliminates disharmony in an artful manner and enhances the immediate environment in order to strengthen the balance and harmony indispensable to life.

We provided balance in close cooperation with a professional Feng Shui consultant in the Parkhotel. After having measured every room and drawn up a plan we could find disharmonies and "dejam" our rooms where necessary.

My way to become a Reiki Master

The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei (cosmos) and ki (vital energy). Reiki has the target of integral physical and mental healing via deep relaxation. The aim is not only to cure diseases but also to improve prevention and general well-being.

The therapeutic energy work is made either by laying the hands directly, with the aid of symbolic mental work or by voicing of mantras (word orders which are recited by speaking or in thought). Traditionally, Reiki has three levels. After achievement of these three levels the title of master can be obtained.